How To Write A Short Story About Soccer

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Soccer! : Book 1 ™ New player/old friend is being made fun of; facing of against bully in a soccer match; & Fire Eagles vs. Blue Buffalo. Those would be the few words Adam would describe for this problem. Ronald the newest player & Adam’s oldest friend was introduced to the Fire Eagles before the match. All of Adam’s teammates laughed at his name, except Adam of course. Also, the Fire Eagles are going to go against the Blue Buffalo and Marten in an all out soccer match. Though, the thing is the Marten always bullied Adam in school! Now, he has the chance to get back at him. The question is, how is Adam going to do it? A moment before the match, everyone came up with a plan with Coach Carl. One whispered, “Why not we first just set Ronald aside and come up with a plan?” “No way! He is apart of the team!” Adam argued. Just then, another said surprised, “You actually like him? He is one of the worst players here!” “Fine,” Adam sighed. He sadly looked at him, and then turned away. He did not want to be embarrassed in front of his team. A few minutes later, the plan was made, but poor Ronald was left out. Then, the team got ready. They were eager to start. Then, the whistle blew. This signaled the beginning of the great game of the Fire Eagles vs. Blue Buffalo. …show more content…

The Fire Eagles try to take it back, but the Blue Buffalo were too quick. They passed to each other and Marten made the first goal of the game. This was a good start for the Blue Buffalo. Meanwhile, the Fire Eagles threw the ball back in and rush to the other team’s side of the field. They passed again and again until it was up to Adam. He then kick it hard,......and far,…...and into the goal! “Yeah, go Fire Eagles!” Ronald cheered. It was a small price to pay for the Buffalo though, since they ran, passed, and scored until halftime. The score was now

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