How To Write A Story Of The Narrative : A Story?

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“Midnight and Barry! I'm so glad that you both agreed to join in my research,” Professor Rowan said, clearly pleased. He turned towards me and stated, “I know that you're journeying to train up a team, after all, you're going to be working with Riley, perilous job, but I’m glad that you'll also be working with me.” He stepped forward, his lab coat trailing behind him. He rolled up the sleeves of his baby blue knit sweater.

“I appreciate you assisting me in receiving a starter and helping you with your research is the least I can do. It'll just be like old times. But seriously, call me Midna.” He nodded. Barry shuffled his feet, looking down at his black tennis shoes. He was probably thinking about how we met Professor Rowan. I patted …show more content…

I like you. May I join you on this adventure you are going on?” I nodded and she smiled with joy.

“I wish I could understand them like you,” Barry said in amazement as he examined his starter’s poké ball, an orange one with flame patterns dancing upon it, and tossed it just as I had tossed the Turtwig’s ball before.

A small Chimchar emerged and he looked up at Barry with big, red eyes and said, “You're my trainer, aren't you? I will be delighted to serve you to the best of my ability.” Barry looked upon it with delight and glanced at me. I was holding Barry’s arm, letting my energy translate the Chimchar’s speech into Common for him and he gazed upon him in delight and wonder. He reached out and touched his Chimchar on the head, and pet it gently. The Chimchar glanced up and smiled and Barry offered him a berry, which the Chimchar accepted in delight.

“That ability of yours is fascinating,” commented Professor Rowan. After all, the professor knew about my abilities, even if he couldn't hear the pokémon currently. I had to be really close to someone in order for them to hear them but we'd used it in Rowan’s studies when I was one of his assistants many years ago.

Barry hugged me and whispered, “Thank you, Midna. I wish that I could understand him in my own but I’m thankful that you can help me hear him. I never thought I’d be able to hear my pokémon speak but you have such an amazing talent. Thank you for

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