How To Write An Analytical Essay On The Color Purple

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The Color Purple by Alice Walker, you get a full view of a black woman’s life in the 1930’s when women, especially black women were down-graded and discriminated. In the story you’ll meet Celie a beaten-down, abused, and uneducated child. Celie was submissive from childhood into adulthood, however, everything changed when she met and befriended Shug. With Shug’s nurturing Celie finally regained her self-esteem and became the strong and independant woman she thought she could never become.
At the young age of twelve, Celie had already given birth to two children, Olivia and Adam, whom her stepfather, Alphonso, had sold without her knowledge. Celie was an easy target for Alphonso because she was quiet and submissive, which resulted in rape,

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