How To Write An Essay About The Apollo 13 Trip

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It was April 13 at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center. A 360-foot rocket was ready for liftoff. Jim Lovell, Fred Haise, and Jack Swiger were inside ready for their space adventure. The adventure to space was 240,00 miles which would take them 3 days. The Apollo 13 mission was to land on the moon and explore a hilly section called Fra Mauro to collect some 4 Billion year old rocks and sand from the moons surface to research it when they got back to earth. Everything was going fine until the astronauts heard a loud noise. It had been 55 hours and 53 minutes into the mission when an explosion happened. A faulty wiring in an oxygen tank triggered the explosion. This caused the power in the spacecraft to drain and sent some of the spaceship’s oxygen supply into space. There would be no air left and the Odyssey would die within hours. The word about the mission failure spread fast around the world. Most people thought the astronauts wouldn’t make…show more content…
The astronauts turned all power off except most critical system including the heat. Outside the temperature was 280 degrees below zero the men started shivering. Then a new problem struck, the LEM’s air filters stopped working. The air would become toxic with carbon dioxide. The astronauts used their intelligence and creativity to build a new air filter out of recycled pieces. The team was a group of fast thinkers that always stayed calm.
On Friday, April 17 Apollo 13 approached Earth. The astronauts got into the Odyssey and went through the Earth’s atmosphere. The connection with Mission Control got cut off for four minutes. They saw the sky turned red to pink and then to finally blue. The parachutes opened and the ship floated down to earth. Everyone was admired and surprised with the outcome of this mission. Even though they didn’t complete their original mission they got home safely. It was a successful
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