Adolf Hitler Research Paper

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Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was a leader of the Natzi party . Adolf had a backup plan of being a dictator, and he killed millions of jews. Adolph Hitler was the true monster of World War II due to his childhood, military experiences, and mysterious escape. Adolf Hitler was a terrible dictator and will remain that way in history forever.

Adolf Hitler’s life was rough from the start and his intelligence made his leadership become cruel and evil.
If Hitler had been accepted to art school, his life and the lives of millions of Jews would have been very different.
According to Adolf Hitler was born on April 20,1889 in Braunau am inn. …show more content…

Adolf thought that he had to save the country of Germany since Germany was in jeopardy. The people of germany were surprised to hear that Germany was in a bad position in World War II. Germany was limited to a few hundred thousand men for the army. Adolf started to join nationalist’s meetings.
Over a period of time, the German workers became known as the Nazi group.The Nazi group pledged to one nation of Germans. Since Adolf was very intelligent and could be a good leader, he started to lead the Nazi group. The Nazi party became more powerful with Adolf Hitler as their leader.
Adolf started to let his dark side out, the side that hated jews. He started to make concentration camps for the jews. Adolf made these prison camps miserable for the jews. The most food a jew would have in a day would be about one hundred and eighty calories. Hitler made the jews suffer for what he thought was right. He soon then made gas chambers for the jews. The jews would go into these gas chambers and would be killed by the chamber. Hitler went on to kill a few million jews. The final solution was to kill all the jews or what was left of them. Adolf Hitler died on April 30,1945 in

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