How Tyrania Is A Small Kingdom

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Tyrania is a small Kingdom set in medeval times. The Kingdom is ran by a monarchy that very much involves itself in the affairs of the general public. Tyrania is known throughout the lands for it 's incredible levels of happiness and harmony and its extreemly low crime rate. All citizens of Tyrania are educated up until they are 18 years of age. On their 18th birthday, all citizens are required to take a formal test to evaluate their personalities and skills. From these tests, their future path are determined and assigned to them. People who follow the results of these tests are given monitary bonuses and are helped as much as possible by the monarchy. It is possible for an individual to decide they would prefer a different path in life. Someone doing this however, will find they are firstly provided no support towards their aims, they lose out on varoius benefits that were prevoiusly accessable to them and perhaps worst of all, they are looked down upon by the rest of society. An indivdual who follows the path set out for them is given a small badge to wear upon their person. These badges are hand-crafted specifically for the wearer and are therefore completely unique. The metals and procedure in creating these badges are so difficult to replicate that it is very difficult for forgeries to be made. Badges are what allow people to access benefits in order to achieve their path. Every person born in Tyrania has their own book dedicated to them. These books are stored

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