Importance Of Academic Skills In Education

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The importance of learning academic and vocational skills throughout high school is that it creates a basis for every major or job they could want to do, and see non-academic subjects in an intellectual light. A student spends roughly four thousand hours in high school. Very little of this time is spent learning vocational skills if any. This is because in our society, there is a bias that more academic based jobs are of higher status than vocational jobs. Parents push their children to have more academic jobs and majors to improve their child's “status.” But when a student with high academic achievement chooses to have a vocational style job it is seen as unfortunate or even a waste of genius and intellect. Students should have the opportunity to be trained in whatever careers they want, even if it is a more vocational job like a trade instead of an academic job. If these students find these vocational jobs more meaningful than any academic job they should have the right to choose them because of their pursuit of happiness. The is one major problem with learning vocational skills in high school is that they are too specific for students who have not decided what they want to do with their futures yet. Teaching students academic skills in high school gives them all the choice in the world to what they want to be. Learning academic skills gives students a well rounded education for whatever they want to go on to do. Even when students go to a university to

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