How Ugly School Uniforms Will Save Education By Belinda Luscombe

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In the article “How Ugly Schools Uniforms Will Save Education” by Belinda Luscombe found in Time, the author explains how various school problems which lead to crime and disobedience of law could be solved by introducing school uniforms. There are often arguments about what to wear at school. “It's a debate that sucks up a lot of time for school administrators. And parents. But it's the world's easiest education problem to solve: school uniforms.” The author's main point is to make people aware of the need of school uniforms and how it helps solve many crucial problems.
One of the problems Luscombe stated could be solved is about bullying and harassment. Nowadays, there’s increasing in sexual assault and bullying in schools. The root causes of such types of problems are feelings of competition, superiority, and having lenient rules. Children often feel free to do whatever they want when they don’t face restrictions. It leads to increase in groups. Few students form groups and some try hard to fit in when they should be trying hard to learn. The main purpose of school is to teach students to work together and respect one another, but the freedom to dress up however they want makes …show more content…

First, she gave her personal experience that she “wore one for 13 years, and cursed it every single day…. But this is exactly why I'm such a fan.” She is trying to persuade the reader that uniforms are not as bad as one thinks because she has experienced them, and now she is a fan of it. She encourages people to support school uniforms by listing various benefits of it, and how it shapes student to be better citizens. She also uses rhetorical question when she says that “where else could we learn a lesson in sacrifice and serving the common good with so little actual sacrifice? So you look bad at school. Get over it.” Over here, the author presents a little argument for people who complain that uniforms are

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