How Union Commitment On Public Sector Job Satisfaction

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Article One: “How Union Commitment Influences Public Sector Job Satisfaction.” 1. Summary Paragraph: This scholarly article is by Randall S. Davis from Miami University. Davis wanted to figure out whether or not people who had ties with unions would have a higher level of job satisfaction. However, this article and its research narrowed down its research by looking only into the public sector section. In terms of furthering defining and narrowing down the concept of ‘job satisfaction’, Davis looked into two workplace attributes: “perceptions of higher red tape and greater public service motivation.” Red tape, referring to the strict and bureaucratic formality of rules and regulations that public sectors are known to set. 2. Describing the Study Design: The study of this article is circled around utilizing surveys with employees from a Kansas government borough. The study reached out to a potential 1,115 workers; however, only 53% of those completed the survey. Those who completed the survey either completed it electronically through their municipal associated e-mail while the rest received their survey through mail questionnaires. It was also made known to the public sector employees that their answers were both voluntary as well as confidential. 3. Implications of Study: The implications of the study are consistent with the arguments that unions can increase employees’ satisfaction within the workplace. This is followed up by the argument that if an employee has

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