How Was The Delian League Successful

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Explain how successful the Delian League was.

The Delian League, an alliance of Greek city-states with Athens as the leader, was proven to be very successful during the Persian Wars.
After Persia endured a conclusive thrashing at Eurymedon (468 BC), numerous individuals upheld disintegration of the league. Athens, in any case, which had benefitted incredibly from the league, contended that the threat from Persia was not over. At the point when Naxos endeavored to withdraw, Athens, taking the administration from the gathering, constrained (c.470 BC) Naxos to hold dependability. Before long Thasos endeavored a similar move and was in like manner repressed (463 BC) by the Athenian general Cimon. The Athenians were so effective in their points,
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