How Winning The Lottery Changed My Life

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Winning the lottery is not just winning a game. It enables you to jump straight into the upper class. Winning the lottery can help me fix my life and make my wishes come true. With the lottery, I can pay my complete college career and become the doctor I want to be. Change my life style buying homes a making business for my family, and all my wishes of traveling around the world can come true.
The most important and the first thing I do is pay my entire college career. The career I am making now on Kaiser university, and after I finish in Kaiser, I want to continue studding in a university so I can become a surgeon. I want to become a surgeon, and winning the lottery can help me paying all my career so I just focus on studding. In the other …show more content…

With the lottery, the second thing I do if I win tis buy me a house. Also, I buy I house for my brother and one for my sister. I finish paying my parents’ house. In addition, my parents always wanted to get a boat so my father can do what he likes, fishing. Another thing I’ll do is make a business for me and my family. We always say that the way money come it can go if you don’t make it grow. indeed, the business is for that to make the money grow.
Last, if I win the lottery I will travel around the world. The first place I want to visit is Dubai. Going to Dubai has always been my dream. The culture, the desert, the constructions, how advance it is. After I travel around Dubai, I want to travel around France, Spain, Mexico, Colombia. I’ve always love to go to the beach so I would like to go to the most beautiful islands in the world.
In conclusion, winning the lottery will change my and my family’s life in a huge way. Paying mine and my brothers education, so they don’t have to worry about the cost of the classes. In the other hand, becoming a doctor won’t be a problem referring to money. I’ll give my brothers a house for each one and finish paying my parents’ house. Give them some money so they can create a business and live the life they deserve. And last I will travel around the world with my

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