How and Why Athletes Draw Consumers to Use Specific Products

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It is another Sunday in America and a great number of football enthusiasts are turning on their televisions to get a glimpse of the action. Similarly on any given Saturday night many Canadian’s will hear the classic “Da dun da duh” that is the Hockey Night in Canada theme song. Regardless of the specific sporting event, almost every day of the week is occupied by some type of sporting event. These sporting events are broadcast to people via a multitude of techniques such as: over the radio waves, projected onto large TV screens, as well many individuals choose to go to the actual event. Regardless of how sports fans decide to take in the “big game”, they are all engaged in the theatre that is competition, and as a result sporting events…show more content…
While Althusser`s brand of modern structuralism can be seen as the focusing of social inquiry on persistent deep structures that underlie human thought and culture (Hallgrimsdottir 2013). The merging of Marxian ideals with the notion that human action is shaped by deep structures has had a strong impact on Althusser’s sociology, this plurality of concepts only deepens the understanding of the social world.
The epitome of this theoretical dualism adopted by Althusser can be observed in the relationship he develops between deep structures characteristic of modern society and the concept of ideology. Ideology in its most basic definition is the ideas that dominate a social group. Althusser along with other post-Marxists posit the notion of ideology as the imaginary relationship individuals have to their material conditions of existence (Lemert 2010). This is a classic Marxist standpoint as it presents the function of ideologies as an agent masking the exploitation of lower classes of society. This ideology can be employed as a practice similar in nature to religion or ethics, and can be used as a lens into the specific: social norms, values, desires, and performances seen in a social context. These deep structures Althusser mentions can range from the institution of the family to the organization of the economy, and are then the primary determinants of all human action in a social setting (Lemert 2010). These structures thusly are

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