How is George and Lennie’s relationship presented as different to others on the ranch?

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How is George and Lennie’s relationship presented as different to others on the ranch?
Of Mice and Men is based in the time of the ‘Great Depression’ in America in the 1930’s. The two main characters are George and Lennie who are very close friends, roaming around America together looking for work. Their friendship is so unique and foreign to their surrounding people, and at that time having one true friend was very rare because men didn’t have time to worry about other people, they just did their work and got their money. Their friendship is what makes the story so special, Steinbeck shows George and Lennie’s similarities and differences to other characters in the book to boldly show how unique they are.
In chapter 3 it starts with
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Not jus’ one, neither. An’ a guy tol’ me he could put me in pitchers...” Steinbeck is showing us how angry Curley’s wife is, feeling trapped all of the time, by asking constant pushy questions.
Another moment in the chapter which shows how George and Lennie’s relationship is presented as different to others on the ranch is when Curley’s wife asks Lennie how he got bruises on his face. Steinbeck makes Lennie’s answer loyal to George and show that he trusts everything George says. Lennie replies with “He got his han’ caught in a machine”
In chapter 5, the event which occurs is Lennie kills Curley’s Wife and Curley decides to hunt for Lennie and kill him. Lennie is in the barn and Curley’s wife then joins trying to talk to Lennie. She’s always complaining about how lonely she is and asks why Lennie can’t talk to her. Lennie obedient to George replies with “George says I ain’t to have nothing to do with you-talk to you or nothing.” Every time Curley’s wife tries to speak to Lennie, he will always be loyal to George, and his big mouth leads him to say the exact words which George says, sometimes what he shouldn’t say. She complains about how she can’t talk to anybody “You can talk to people, but I can’t talk to nobody but Curley. Else he gets mad. How’d you like not to talk to anybody?” Here she explains that if she talks to anyone, her one person
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