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Throughout the world education will vary and have different standards to what each individual person must meet. It all depends on what priorities that specific educational system contains and what process it follows. The American educational system is very complex and has a lot of standards and requirements that must be followed in order for each individual to have a fair chance at equal education. How the educational system is operated is very important because it can affect many people. Too many people that have not researched the American educational system it will come as a shock to know that it is not a national education system. This means that each state is able to decide its own school policy that it will set as its standard …show more content…

The American educational system is very different than many others around the world. For example the federal government has little involvement with the educational system and its budget. That responsibility falls under the state and local government of each state. Along with deciding up to what age students must stay in school, which can be from 16-18 years of age. Further education is up to the student but is very much encouraged by the school board, teachers, and counselors and of course the students’ parents. The educational system is even broken down into smaller components. Each state contains local school districts, which are made up by the local community of certain areas in the state all under the jurisdiction of a school board. School districts do not have a set size or set number of people that it covers. They can cover very small towns to very large and heavily populated towns or cities. Each also contains its own private and public schools. While private schools gather their own budget mainly from tuition that students must pay, usually each month. Public schools relay a large amount on the money from local tax payers. Education level and what is provided at schools also depends on the area that the school maybe located. Some schools will show greater aspect and what courses are offered and even what after school activities the school may provide. This is all due to the budget that the school has. The wealthier the area the

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