How to Create a Plasma Globe

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DIY: How to Create a Plasma Globe
A touch sensitive plasma globe is not only fun to play around with, it also makes an interesting conversation piece or school project idea. Depending on the shape, a plasma globe goes by other names that include a plasma lamp, orb, sphere, or tube. Although the design of such a piece may look intricate, a plasma globe is not hard to create is you have the right parts and equipment. Undertaking a do-it-yourself plasma globe project is rewarding when you know what steps to take. You can find all the supplies you need on eBay in new and pre-loved condition to create your own stunning plasma globe and impress your friends in just a few short hours.
Gathering Supplies
One of the first steps that needs done in any do-it-yourself project is to make sure you have all the right tools and parts before diving in. The table below lists the supplies you need along with some notable characteristic of each item. Bear in mind that this globe is a high voltage device and children should have adult supervision before beginning such a project.

Notable Characteristics
Alternating Current Generator
Generator needs to create 35 kHz frequencies
Noble Gas
Gas should be low pressure Noble gas of Argon variety
Glass Globe
Clear glass that comes with one small opening or ability to make opening
Ignition Coil
Tesla coil wire or other small metal pole for use as electrode

Used in many light bulbs, low powered Argon gas aids in making sure that the interior

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