How to Help the Poor in During Natural Disasters in the Guide to Enhance Risk Communication Among Low-Income Population

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Natural disasters can severely damage communities and must be properly prepared for. Minority groups in the low income population generally held a greater risk in suffering from natural disasters than other groups. This was largely due to the fact that low income populations do not trust the government and traditional methods using social media were ineffective on them. To solve this problem the authors applied the grassroots approach and created the Guide to Enhance Risk Communication Among Low-Income Populations. The Grassroots System utilizes community, faith, and business organizations that serve low income minority populations. The Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and Morgan State University’s School of Community …show more content…

The answers of the participants were already biased. Also, even though the research group was assessed on their views of the avian flu pandemic there was a lack of response and finding published in the article. That lack of response makes the authors appear to have had their own empathetic attitudes towards the treatment of low-income African Americans in natural disasters. This may be attributed to the fact that the study was made in collaboration with Morgan State University, a historically black college.
A quote that I found particularly interesting was from a participant that said I don’t have a plan. There isn’t too much happening around here.” I thought this quote described the average citizen well. Most people believe that nothing is going to happen to them until it actually does. This further reinforces the fact that people need to still be properly educated on disaster preparedness. Another example of this would be the snow disaster that happened in Georgia a couple weeks ago. A statement that I also found surprising was “More than half (52%) of study participants felt that both racism and classism were the primary reasons for the inadequate provision of emergency management services.” One may think that the United States has moved on from dealing with racism. But there appears to still be many individuals who feel that racial attitudes still exist today. I thought this was very interesting because most people don’t usually

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