How to Learn English Well

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How to learn English well Learning English requires action. You may know all the learning tips, but if you don't start doing things, you will achieve nothing. The fact is, if you want to learn to speak English well, you must change your life. Here are some examples of things you will have to do: • read a book in English for an hour every day, analyzing the grammar in sentences and looking up words in an English dictionary • listen to an audio book or other recording in English, stopping it frequently, trying to understand what is being said, and trying to imitate the speaker's pronunciation • spend 30 minutes in the afternoon practicing the pronunciation of the English sounds • carefully write an e-mail message in English,…show more content…
For example, if you are learning new vocabulary, create a word map, describe a picture, make a list and study that, type out the words five times. All of these methods together help to reinforce your learning. • Study English by Finding some Friends There is nothing like having a few friends to study English together. You can practice the exercises together, have conversations together (in English!), and, as you study English together, help each other with exercises you may not understand. • Study English by Choosing Topics that Interest You One of the most important things to do is to study English using topics that you like. This will help motivate you because you will also be learning about a topic you find interesting while you study English. If you want to learn English well, of course you can. The key is to study carefully and to speak English as often as you can. With some work, you can discover how to learn English . English is a difficult language to learn, because you need to learn it in all areas, including listening, speaking, reading and writing. Here are some things that can help you learn English more easily in each area. Reading Of course, reading is one area you in how to learn English well, but this is something you can learn on your own quite effectively, outside of the classroom or even around other people. Keep a dictionary with you so that you can look up unfamiliar words. Then, you
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