How to Lie with Statistics by Darrel Huff

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I just finished reading really interesting book, How to lie with Statistics by Darrel Huff. This books is all about a good cheat sheet to cheat with numbers. The moment someone mentions Statistics, the most often seen reaction is a big yawn or a sigh of disbelief. This is because people come across all kinds of statistical interpretations all the time such as in advertisement or marketing journals. This sense of disbelief is because the reader can not verify the truthfulness behind presented numbers. The assumption always is that the person talking about the number or statistics knows what he or she is talking about because it is proven fact by statistical studies. Even if that is not the case, it is very easy to be lost among the number, when they are represented as an averages, percentages, year-on-year growth, or percentage points which can make the person talking about these seem either very good or very bad. And this does not seem to have changed from 1954, when the book was first published. The book is about helping readers see throughout these marketing tricks. Also, to be able to ask the right questions and when to dismiss a statistics as faulty. It is a field manual to beat the cheaters in their worn game. This is a delightful book with just 150 pages and 10 chapters each with a specific theme. The book starts with the origin of the statistics problems, the sample. Any statistics based on some samples always going to have some sorts of bias, even if the person

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