Lying Politicians: A Fact of Life by Brian Montopoli

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Americans today tend to consider politicians as corrupt and untrustworthy figures. Political corruption can vary from bribery, money laundering, and even drug trafficking. These criminal actions are typically taken by politicians as motive to gain a personal benefit. Politicians have often associate their campaigns with dishonesty. Over the years political campaigns have lied to the public in order to gain votes. Tactics include newspaper manipulation to dishonor a political rival or to obtain support helping their personal agenda. This bad stigma associated with politicians tends to diminish citizens trust. The image depicted in this assignment is intended to target the issue of politician’s dependability with in the public. The image used in this essay was obtained from Brian Montopoli’s article entitled “Lying politicians: A fact of life”. Brian Montopoli is senior political reporter for CBS News website. Montopli’s article was about the lies politicians make in their campaigns in order to gain votes. The image used in Monotopil’s article was utilized to emphasize his argument. Montoplis’s image demonstrates the problematic issue surrounding political officials. The image seemed like it didn’t have a specific target, but once reading title of the article connected with the image it was made clear that the image represents the troublesome issues with politicians in today’s society. The argument being made with the image was that certain political officials might lie to the

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