How to Sharpen Hockey Skates Essay

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The most important part of a hockey player’s gear is their skates. To be more precise the blades on the skates are the most important, because that is what is in contact with the ice to allow the player to generate traction to move around the ice with ease. So the equipment manager or anyone else who has the job of sharpens someone’s hockey skates need to have the knowledge to be able to sharpen someone skates perfectly. They have to know the correct process to sharpen skates to perfection every time. The process is very simple as long as you can follow this procedure to ensure perfection in the skate sharpening. Initially we check the blades for any imperfections, so that they can be eliminated to make less of a problem later on in the …show more content…

Dressing the finish wheel is of utmost importance to ensure that the skates have parallel edges and a good hollow. The next step of the process is to start sharpening the skate blades. First you clamp the skate in the clamp with the toe to the front of the clamp, and then lock the blade in tightly. Next slowly slide the skate across the wheel being sure not to over rounding the toe and heel of blade too much. Complete this step about 10 times for a blade that has not first gone over the cross grinding wheel. For a blade that has gone across the cross grinding wheel do this step until the cross grinding marks are gone. Then unclamp and do the same to the second skate blade. As soon as you finish the number of passes on the skates you check the blade of levelness or parallel edges on both sides of the blade. You do this step by setting the gauge in the front, middle, and back of the skate if the gray line on the level, is level all the way across go on to the final step. If the edges are unlevel when you put the gauge, on you must figure out if the knobs on the clamp have to be turned up or down in the front or the back or both. To do this you look at which side the gray line is showing more of if it shows more on the left side when the gauge is on the front you turn the knob down in the front of the clamp and vice versa for the back. When gauge is placed in the middle of the blade, it should

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