How to Write an Sop for Grad School

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HOW TO WRITE A WINNING STATEMENT OF PURPOSE FOR A GRADUATE SCHOOL Compiled by Shoukat Iqbal Khattak Faculty Member Bahria University of Management Sciences-Karachi campus E-mail: Developed & Created by Anthony O. Okobi using: STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Table of Content 1. Introduction: What, Why and How of Statement of Purpose. 2. Stage I: Do your Homework 3. Stage II: Reflect and Brainstorm (on paper) 4. Stage III: Outline your Statement of Purpose 5. Stage IV: Write Draft of Statement of…show more content…
research experiences, courses, etc.)? • What are your future goals for graduate school (i.e. Ph.D.)? • What are your career goals (i.e. professorship)? • What characteristics of the school/department/program can help you accomplish your goals? • What positive aspects do you bring to the school/department/program? Stage IV: Write Draft of Statement of Purpose 1. When writing your statement of purpose: • Always use positive language when referring to yourself. • Give detailed, but concise examples. • Use transition words, sentences and paragraphs. Your statement must read smoothly. • Skip a line after each paragraph. • Refrain from starting neighboring paragraphs the same way. • Avoid using vocabulary that you do not know. • Refrain from repeating yourself. • Have strong opening and closing paragraph. • Stay within the 2 – 3 page limit! • Thank the admissions committee for their time at the end of your statement of purpose. Stage V: Ask for Critique, Revise and Edit 1. When you are finished with your

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