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This project aims to explore the meaning and significance of high performance work organization. It also aims to integrate the diverse literatures on High Performance Work Organizations (HPWO). Varied definitions of the HPWO are presented, common components across the definitions are identified, and then each of those components that make up HPWO is examined in more detail. After which the discussion on the link and influence of high performance work systems have on HPWO.

Introduction – defining HPWO
In response to the growing complex environment and organizational demands for improved work performance, there has been an escalating discussion on how human resource can initiate work reforms to improve involvement of
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Thus this allows organizations to increase innovations for effective competition.
Employee involvement
Employee Involvement by Cotton (1993) is defined, described, and explained by how businesses can improve their performance by cultivating employee interest and dedication

Jones& Kato (2005) believes that with employee involvement it creates a direct impact of teams resulting from improved motivation and enhanced discretionary effort by team members. By participating in teams, team members suffer less from information asymmetry, and develop more trust in management, stronger commitment to the organization and their goals are more aligned with the firm’s. The result is improved motivation and enhanced discretionary effort among team members.
They also believe that team members would learn skills through participating thus improved performance of team. With team members involvement it would allow team’s goals to be more aligned with firms’ objectives thus engaging in horizontal or peer monitoring. As a result, non-team members are less likely to shirk and thus overall performance also improves (Jones& Kato 2005).

Total quality management
TQM is defined by University of Tulsa as a zero-error approach towards improving the quality of processes and systems in an organization. It is said to be a management approach that aims for long-term success by focusing on customer satisfaction. TQM is based on the participation of all members of an organization in

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