Teamwork at Walmart

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Teamwork at Wal-Mart It is essential to have teamwork within a company. Companies who have embraced the concept of teamwork have reported increased performance in work production, problem solving and it has stimulated new growth. This group project approach has improved employee morale and increased input when managed correctly. The benefits of teamwork can make a positive effect in the company that incorporates this type of teamwork approach. As each new project is started, a new team leader may be assigned. The reason for this is with each new project the area of expertise needed may change. These teamwork groups are helpful to the manager. By delegating the responsibility of a project to the designated group, it lessen …show more content…

Their ability to work together affects the quality of service that the customers receive. To give the very best service to their customers, and to each other, they rely on guidelines that make their culture great. It also makes them a proud member of the Wal-Mart family. Wal-Mart has three basic beliefs that are an integral part of their teamwork. The first is respect for the

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