Huckleberry Finn Chapter Summary

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Chapter 37 - 8/5/15 As Aunt Sally noticed many things missing around the house that Huck and Tom had taken, the two boys took to pranking her. When she was counting spoons, they would continuously steal and replace the spoons to throw her off and make her furious. Earlier, Huck found a tin pan to bake the ladder into a pie. The baking wasn’t as easy and the two took many tries and lots of flour to be successful. After many burns, they finished and gave the pie to Jim with the ladder inside. To make it adventurous and fiction like, Tom and Huck pretended that the whole task took up to nine months. Chapter 38 - 8/5/15 Before Huck and Tom can fully break Jim out of prison, Tom has to make sure that every detail was just like the stories …show more content…

They placed them in a safe spot under Aunt Sally’s bed. Unfortunately, they all escaped and gave Aunt Sally a horrific experience. As a result, the two had to catch more, and the bad ones too since the good rats were already caught. The same thing happened with the snakes. Jim wasn’t enjoying the company of the critters either. He couldn’t find a place to sleep since the whole place was packed with snakes, spiders, and rats. The boys were progressing along with the prison escape. They’ve managed to saw off the leg of Jim’s bed, and had gotten ill from eating the sawdust in order to cover up the evidence, neither of which were necessary for prison break. Meanwhile, Silas had contacted a plantation asking about Jim, the runaway slave. Huck figured that the news would soon spread to Miss Watson. Tom said now they would write the anonymous letters to the Phelps that were basically threats. In addition, the two drew a skull and crossbones on the front door and a coffin on the back door. To make Jim’s escape even more exciting and blood-rushing as it is, Tom wrote another letter to the Phelps introducing himself as a thief and warning the family that the band of thieves were planning to steal the runaway

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