Power Roles between Jim and Huck in Mark Twain´s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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With Huck and Jim unknowingly fighting to retain power aboard the raft, their friendship becomes stronger even with society’s various attempts to split the two apart. Throughout the book, Huck and Jim switch power roles during their time on the raft. Life on the raft is portrayed as a democracy, but in reality, it is a dictatorship with the in power controlling and influencing all decisions made on the raft. One noticeable occurrence of Jim possessing the power is after Huck and Jim’s separation in the fog.It was fifteen minutes before I could work myself up to go and humble myself to a nigger-but i don't it, and I warn’t ever sorry for it”(81). Huck seeks to play a trick on Jim for fun but Jim is not easily fooled and quickly denounces …show more content…

Huck’s decision not to turn Jim over to the slave-catchers is evidence of their growing friendship The king and duke are the embodiment of immorality and witnessing several of their scams, Huck wants to rid his life of them. When Huck first encounters the king and the duke, they are scam-artists running from an angry crowd after their latest successful scam. Huck empathizes with them allowing them journey on his raft, but they sense Huck’s weakness and immediately fool Huck and Jim into believing that they are actually a king and a duke. The king and duke bring their immorality The letter Huck writes to Miss Watson symbolizes his total devotion to Jim. After his unsuccessful attempt to leave the king and duke at the Wilks home, the four travel to Pikesville in order for the king and duke to scam more people. The king leaves the raft first in order to scope out the area, but he actually sells Jim to Silas Phelps. When the duke and Huck find the king in a bar drunk, Huck escapes from the two in an attempt to leave with Jim and return to his former life without the king and duke. When Huck returns to the raft he finds Jim is gone and learns later that the king has sold Jim for $40 to buy whiskey. Huck is horrified that Jim has been sold and for such a small

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