Huckleberry Finn Education Essay

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Most people think of education as only happening in a school but there are many different ways to get an education. In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn written by Mark Twain, a young boy named Huckleberry Finn finds adventure and learns lessons along the Mississippi river with A runaway slave, Jim. Huck's unorthodox education is given to Huck by four different people: Pap, the King and the Duke, and Jim. The first character is pap, huck's dad. Huck's dad is a drunk and an abusive father and does not want his son to overpass him.” I’ll lay for you, mr smarty, and if I catch you about that school I’ll tan you” (Twain 19). This quote explained how pap felt about Huck getting Schooled. It was followed by Pap beating huck. Hucks learns it useful that getting out of a situation that could harm Him …show more content…

They are lowlifes that do nothing but cheat people. Huck, the king, and the duke found a little town to do a play and the same night the circus is in town. After the circus, no one goes to the play and the duke was very upset and made a show only for man. The last night of the performance, people bring a lot of rotten food to throw at them but huck, the king, and the duke left for them to do what they what of the rations. ”I’ll would like to know how they're putting in their opportunity they can turn into a picnic” (Twain 153). Huck is taught not to be a rapscallion and to not make enemies. Third and the most important, Jim. Jim is a runaway slave to be avoid being sold. Huck helps him a lot though the book but his part teaches huck not to play a trick on friends. A fog roll over the raft and huck decides to play a trick on Jim by taking the canoe and floating away from the raft a few yards. When he come back Jim's was crying and gave up on trying to escape. ”live and sound’ jes de same ole huck de same ole Huckabee thank to goddesses” (Twain 83). Huck learns that not everyone is owned and everyone has feeling and

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