The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain

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Mark Twain creates the visual illustration of a realistic boy who grew up in a lower class society of white societies during the mid 1800s before the Civil War. The boy’s name is none other than Huckleberry Finn, but most of the time he is just referred to as Huck. Huck is the main character of the novel as well as the narrator. He is a young boy that is the son of an alcoholic father who never seems to stay around. Huck is usually trying to find his way into trouble at every chance he can get with his friends of the “Tom Sawyer’s gang”, which includes his best friend Tom Sawyer. Huck is looked at as a juvenile outlaw who is ignorant and doesn’t like to abide by the rules. He lives with Miss Watson and her sister the Widow Douglas, who actually has the patience and puts forth the effort to improve Huck. He always seems to resist these endeavors and continue to be autonomous. Although Huck tries to be stubborn in the beginning, he soon comes to realize that certain situations will cause him to mature and emotionally grow with his morals throughout the novel.
When learning more about Huck and his life, there is an introduction of Jim who is Miss Watson’s family slave. Jim is a very superstitious black man who has had to live in the pre-Civil War era dealing with the general political outlook on slaves at that time. His superstition is shown in the novel when Huck plays a prank on him by moving his hat while he was asleep which lead Jim to believe witches had visited him. Jim

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