Hudson Bay Failure Essay

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Walmart, one of the top retailers globally entered Germany in the 1990’s by acquiring two local retailers. It was not quite successful and the inflexibility and inadaptability of Wal-Mart marked its end in the Europe’s biggest economy and the company had to pull off in 2006. It was seen that Walmart was extremely rigid and stubborn and did not make any attempt to learn the culture, rather they forced English language and American way of doing business as the official culture which was one of the major causes of failure.
Hudson Bay Company is also entering Germany with almost the same strategy, by acquiring the successful German retailer, Galeria Kaufhof. However, Hudson Bay will have to be extremely cautious and learn from the challenges that
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It will also focus on forming a strategic alliance with Kaufhof during these six months and market and advertise about the same using social media. It can come up with great offers and early discounts in the initial few weeks so as to draw more customers and form an attractive image.
Medium Term, which would mean from the end of the short term to a year from now, will witness Hudson Bay to be purely established in Germany with majority of its employees being local and a few from US units who would effectively cooperate with the local employees and customers (London & Hart, 2004). This period will also see a good amount of transfer of skillsets from Hudson Bay to Kaufhof and vice versa.
Long term, which is over a year from now to probably the next three years, the company will now become fully adept with the local issues and any kind of problems. Effective solutions with the right employees can be implemented to overcome any challenge. Kaufhof and Hudson Bay can together witness a growth in profits and share them efficiently amongst each other. By the end of the second year, Hudson Bay can also propose to acquire Kaufhof if need be to run independently and increase its investments in the
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