Human Anatomy And Behavior : The Egg And The Sperm

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More Than Just Anatomical Difference Even though women today are allowed to do many things in which they did not have much say in the past there is still controversy as of today. When a person thinks of sexual inequality they usually think of the home stay mom or the girl not being able to play American football because she 's a woman and not a man. However, there is a lot more to this female injustice, more as of in an educational basis, in the text books. More specifically in the science textbooks where everyone is taught human anatomy and behavior. It is hard to keep sexual equality when the press surrounds us with texts and media portraying the female as a weak species rather than strong and independent. Through a universal language all around the world the female anatomy is depicted differently from the males. Scientists render different analogy in describing female organism to a males. Not only the fact that indeed we do have different anatomy but also the ways that scientists describe our differences. “The Egg and the Sperm” is a great article by Emily Martin where she shines a light on the gender stereotypes hidden within the scientific language of biology. Along with Emily’s article there was Anne Fausto-Sterling’s article, “Society Constructs Biology; Biology Constructs Gender,” where she describes how the scientific theory has come to shape the social concept such as gender in the science field. They both tell examples and stories that bring you to

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