Human Communication And Communication

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In every history book, religion is a crucial topic to discuss in order to understand motivations and the course of the world. Religion has influenced wars, social revolutions, and the everyday actions of everyday people. But why has religion persisted for so many centuries? Why has it always existed? Whether a person decides to practice a religion or not, religion continues to shape our present and future. Thus, through scientific study, we have the opportunity to reach a better understanding of ourselves as humans, as well as ourselves as communities.
Within our society, religion provides numerous benefits—such as comfort of mind or a concrete understanding of our existence and purpose. However, at its core, I believe religion is about connection. Whether to a God or community or greater purpose, religion creates relationships and conversations. In the words of Kevin J. Christiano in Sociology of Religion, “At one level, religion may be said to be entirely communication” (Christiano 24). In this way, it’s almost impossible to separate religion from society. Because we are in constant communication, religion’s existence seems like an almost inevitable consequence of community. We search for new bonds and relationships throughout our lives, and as a unique form of communication, religion provides an unparalleled experience of connection to the world and the people around us.
It may seem that in our modern world of instant communication and connection, religion is no longer

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