Religion In Plato's The Allegory Of The Cave

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Since ever, we have tried to acknowledge our own existence, but we have not always relied on science. Religion has shaped societies, evolving through the sun god Aton-Rato to Jesus Christ, and in each step, it has left us different perceptions of our world. Consequently, religion is a phenomenon that explained by itself the evolution of human understanding. Thus, in order to understand our past, we must know how religion explains the world, rules societies and fulfills human uncertainties. The complexity of our cognitive and abstract ability to explain the world has been a controversial matter that divides us among agnostics, gnostics, and atheists. However, The Allegory of the Cave, presented by Plato addresses this matter. In Plato’s Cave, some prisoners have lived chained all their lives. Facing a wall and knowing nothing more than shadows cast by the fire of a torch, the prisoners will acquire the shadows as their reality. Nevertheless, one day the prisoners manage to break out and discover that their reality was misrepresented. The prisoners find out a world that they could not understand because the sun…show more content…
The history of the Hebrew people is long and complex, but the stages of their growth can be read from the Bible. The Bible has many rules for worship and ritual, but its fundamental ethical worldview lies in the idea that humans are created in the image and likeness of God. The more detailed formulation of that link between God and individual and social relationships is contained in the Ten Commandments, which the Bible depicts as being given by God to Moses after the latter brings the people out of the bondage of Egypt and before they reach the Promised Land. These commandments, consisting of both prohibitions and positive commands, are part of the larger ethical commands of all
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