Human Dignity In The Holocaust

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The Holocaust was without a doubt the most diabolical attack on human dignity known to date. The horror that Hitler and The Nazis caused can never be forgotten. During the summer I visited The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, it was like a got an inside look into the heart-wrenching lives of the Jews.

This event has oftentimes been conceived as a revolt against reason, the ultimate example of the “irrational,” designed and executed by the pathologically insane. But if reason was the subject of the revolt, it was also an associate, a dialectic so unusually rational that it could abrogate all the traditional bounds of morality. The Holocaust was an attack against morals, an attack against human rights, and attack against our dignity. …show more content…

He influenced others to think totally detaining a large number of individuals was adequate. Simply thinking how one moment the Jews were living gently without dread of oppression and the following their running or stowing away for their opportunity to try an escape with the little hope they had left. This crime against the Jews and many other people cannot be forgotten, but we can make sure that nothing like this ever happens again. Crimes against human dignity are committed to frequently. Our rights are something all people are entitled to, no matter race, religion, sexuality, or gender. Human dignity is inviolable and it must be respected and protected. The dignity of the human person is not only a fundamental right in itself, but constitutes the basis of fundamental rights in international law.

It makes me so angry when I think of how so many people just let this happen, they didn’t voice their opinions, but I understand why. the Jews weren’t the only ones who feared Hitler and the Nazis. German’s were also scared that they might be next, Hitler did say that anyone who doesn’t comply with his rules will be executed by a firing

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