Human Emotions : The Differences Between Humans And Animals

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All creatures, fishes, dogs, moths, etc.all have feelings and emotions. Just because people can’t see their emotions as easily as we can with a dog(such as their tail wagging and smiling) doesn’t mean that they don’t feel. Creatures such as these compare to humans in such ways as their emotions. These emotions could include a concerning topic for anyone, depression. People and creatures have common emotions, many people do not consider the creature's emotions, and these feelings should be considered. Therefore, living creatures have emotional appeals that are similar to humans and should be taken into account because we cannot ignore something with such huge importance as a living being’s state of mind. The differences between human and animals is very large, but there are a lot of similarities as well. Animals compare to humans in such a similar way with their mental thinking, emotions, etc. Animals and their mentalities are the same as humans, an example of this could be apes, they use sign language to communicate with people and sometimes each other. To communicate humans use an area in their brain called the Broca’s area, apes have a similar cortical area that is in the same location and similar cytoarchitecture(which is the arrangement of cells in a tissue of mostly the cerebral cortex.) Another similar attribute could be the animal's feelings. Elephants, wolves, and more animals wait for their crippled members of a herd when moving. This will show empathy in the

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