Human Evolution Of Human History

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The beginning of human history, is no longer a gray area on the behalf of historians, scientist and perhaps geologist. Many specialized in their respectful field. Move toward together to get a world view of human life. History is a word that is always driven out, to look back at a period of time and one might compare the pervious time to the present. It’s vital for us mortal to understand where came from and where we are going. Since history often does repeats itself, it may be good, to look backwards to get a sense what actually happened, in the past. This writing will be discussing about societies that have changed, and how, human evolution helped. I will point out what I think are the most significant part of human evolution and doing that, that I write in a coherent order from the beginning of time.
The big picture of human evolution, humans are constantly evolving since they first appeared in eastern Africa about four to one million years ago. They weren’t as sophisticated as humans that are today, but they managed to make around in places, with all they had. They started to walk upright with two legs and developed hands, to perform basic work by using tools like stone, they were called the Australopithecus, then about 2.5 million years ago humans had evolved, they were called, Homo Erectus. This group began to use sophisticated tools, because of their improved large brain. Moreover, they began to use language to make contact with find hunt for food. And which they
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