Human Experimentation

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Human Experimentation Throughout the ages, many experiments have been performed on willing and unwilling participants. Some experiments happened to be non-harming, while others caused much distress, pain, and sometimes death to the subjects. Human experimentation today has greatly transitioned due to past experiences for the better of the participants. Some of the past experiments that brought upon the changes in laws and standards were the Little Albert Experiment, Stanford Prison Experiment, human vivisection, and the Tuskegee Experiments. Safety has become the major concept in the laws for human experimentation due because of many experiments in the fields of medical and psychological studies. With the standards in experimentation …show more content…
To solve problems like this for human experimentation, easy guidelines can be and were made. First off, any experiment that could cause harm should not occur. Some items that are now searched for include, but are not limited to, valuing the life and dignity of a person, not harming the test subject physically or mentally long term, and upholding the rights in the constitution given to a person (Berdon). If the experiment is questionable, the experimenters should (and now do) go in front of a selected jury that’s primary job is to judge whether an experiment is acceptable or not. If ruled acceptable by the panel of judges, then the experiment should go on with the proper precautions. If the experimenters should get denied, then the experimenter should have a chance for a retrial.
If that retrial is denied, the experiment should be considered inhumane and dangerous. Thus, the experiment should be thrown out and never happen. The “set in stone” guidelines should be followed to control the experiments and give the jury standards to judge on. Short and long term health issues are the biggest concerns. Some experiments could make a participant crazy or fearful if given the right circumstances. Along with experiments affecting mental heath, physical health could be affected as well. One could refuse to
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