Human Gene Patenting : A Specific Sequence Of Dna Essay

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Human Gene Patenting While researching texts written about genes the most interesting topic that came up was human gene patenting. Gene patenting is the exclusive right to a specific sequence of DNA given by a government to the individual , organization or corporation who claims to have first identified the gene. Human gene patenting is one of hot topic in today’s world and it could have a major effect for generations to come. Gene patenting represents a contract between an inventor and society. The goal in this paper to explain some of the benefits and risks involved in gene patenting. To achieve this goal, the paper has been organized into four sections. The first section discusses what gene patenting is and some of the events that took place prior to gene patenting. The second section includes some of the benefits of having a gene patent and how it can help people with some diseases. The third section explains the risks of having a gene patent. Some of the companies that hold patents and do nothing will impact people who need help. In the last section discusses what could be done to improve gene patenting and how it will help humanity. Before staring the paper a historical context is provided so one can understand how it all started. Historical Context It all started with a women name Henrietta Lacks. An African American women who died because of cervical cancer in 1951. Cells were taken from her while she was alive and they were taken without her consent or any
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