Essay about Human Genetic Engineering

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Human Genetic Engineering

Human Genetic Engineering is the alteration of genetic material. As science is improving as so does our need to make the world a “better” place. Technological advancements have let us cloned many animals but the next step you say? The next step is human engineering, as humans of perfection; we are always trying to find ways to make things better than others. They are able to manipulate the human genome and to cure the world of diseases. Scientists are able to make the perfect humans, stronger, faster, smarter, and no deformity. As humans should react, many problems rise up about “what being human really means?” Science is moving faster than moral understanding. Values, morals, and our humanity are thrown at …show more content…

According to Caplan, humans will possibly want to take this human engineering to another whole new level, “breeding superbabies” (Caplan, para.5). A maniac in some sort of deserted place will have babies in a test tube, growing them to make an army to take over the world. Evil people exist in the world with many intentions to harm others or to benefit themselves but either way; this will go way beyond how we view human engineering as a good thing. Caplan knows that there are people who want to make human engineering into their own little money maker and possibly want to rule the world, with incredibly strong, smart, and perfect humans that are willing to do anything. This could possibly mean the end of all mankind and the start of a new genocide, destroying everyone who is not perfect. Perfection is what every human being strides to become. But then it comes down to, why do we want to become perfect? Will it be because social media has had such a big influence on humans, that it will drive them to become just like those models on T.V. or because humans just want to be able to fit in with the ones who are going to be perfect. “Genetic enhancement” is the goal to be able to give a person some kind of trait, ability, or enhance their bodies in a way that will make them ultimate human. These people with perfect traits and bodies, physically and mentally, will have an advantage over others. There wouldn’t be any kind of competition because no one

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