Human Genetic Engineering : Genetically Modified Foods

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The world is a magnificent place. Full of plants, animals, humans, bacteria, oh and genetically modified life. Yes genetically modified life is the next step to evolution and its coming without its safety harness. Because of today’s vast growing industry there’s no time to test subjects for long periods so humans have come up with a new idea… let man-kind serve as the guinea pig. Human genetic engineering has been categorized in three basic endangerments, that being its transhumanist ideas, animal-human hybridism, and genetically modified foods.
Human genetic engineering is basically biotechnology techniques that manipulate DNA to produce new types of organisms, usually by inserting or deleting their genes. Although this sounds like a good idea it is not. “Science does not know the ‘total range of consequences of a given gene alteration, potentially creating unexpected physiological alterations that would extend down through generations to come” (Coons Pg. 2). This in total is stating that scientists don’t know the complete consequences of modifying genes in any organism. This is a studied and very recently tested idea that has unpredictable outcomes and is very frowned upon. Human genetic engineering exists to further improve evolution in mankind and to also prevent future and current diseases. Although this could be used for very wrong and naïve reasons.
Transhumanists are people who have developed a belief of Transhumanism in which they believe in three key ideas. The

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