What Is Genetic Engineering In Gattaca

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The movie GATTACA was directed by Andrew Niccol, with the main characters being Jerome Morrow and Vincent Freeman. In the film, Vincent Freeman always dreamed about traveling to outer space, but couldn't because of his genetic disorder. He decides to purchase Jerome Morrows DNA from him. He then joins the GATTACA space program pretending to be Jerome to try to achieve his dream. Genetic engineering is making changes to an animal or plant to produce exactly what is wanted. Genetic engineering is a helpful thing that can correct and help many people. The benefits of scientifically modifying genetics would include a better and more efficient way to help unborn and young children from illness, increasing the average length of a human life, and…show more content…
With no disease or illnesses, humans can expand the length of life. Humans are beginning to live longer and longer because of modern day medical science. With genetic engineering, it could make our lives on earth even longer. “If we want to find the genes that help us remain physically active as we age, the genes that will allow us to play tennis when we’re 70 similar to when we were 40, we have to look beyond longevity as the sole criteria,” notes Tissenbaum, a professor of molecular biology. If scientist take genes that give us more physical activity when were young then when people become older their live a more physical lifestyle. Many individuals have a disease that holds them back in life from living a long life, but with the ability to genetically change that people would be able to live a longer healthier life.
Genetic engineering is a very beneficial thing for every human. Some advantages involve individuals health and affect society in general. The lifespan of a human is increased, the extinction of illness in children and babies and healthier foods with a cheaper production cost are all rewarding devices of genetic
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