Human Growth and Development Case Study

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Introduction: In the following assignment I am going to outline the different patterns of development in adolescence such as physical, cognitive and socio-emotional in relation to Erik Eriksons Psychosocial development theory. I will then relate them to John’s situation and how his caregivers and other significant people in his life can respond to these needs. I will also identify other supports such as social groups and clubs outside of John’s immediate caregivers which could help support his needs being met. And finally I will give the key skills and strengths of a person working with adolescence and the attitude that is needed to work in an environment where they may face difficult tasks on a daily basis. Main body: A.) In John…show more content…
Unfortunately for John he has been through a lot at such an early age and some of the issues that hes been through might have major effects on his life if they are not dealt with correctly, however John is not a complete recluse and his care givers say he is a pleasant boy who is very smart and has good grades in school. These are great attributes to have and a good platform to build on as all John may need is encouragement and a little bit of confidence to help him come out of his shell. I think John needs to be introduced to lots of differant activities and for his caregivers to encourage him to do sports and find something that is interactive with other children of his age that John enjoys and is good at. If he finds an activity that he is good at his confidence should start to flurish and he may find a new found confidence that he never knew was there. B.) As john has support from his caregivers in the residential centre and from his maternal uncle he does not know what it feels like to be part of a team or work with other children his own age. As he spends more and more time on his own he will become more and more of a recluse to society and the chances of him becoming active in any sport or group will become slimmer and slimmer. Local spports
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