Essay on Human Guinea Pigs: Prisoners

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Since the beginnings of society’s division into a hierarchy of man’s importance, the bottom of the social pyramid was always those seen as lacking morals. Whether immoral qualities were synonymous with skin color or occupation, a supposed lack of moral integrity allowed for those higher in stature to impose at times grueling oppression upon the degraded. As society evolved many advances pushed for equality among the masses so that each man or woman was allowed the freedom of bias or judgment. However, no matter how advanced the human race, there is still a hierarchy and at the lowest of its levels lies prisoners. Prisoners in modern times are often seen as morally deficit and depraved monsters that deserve the worst of punishments to …show more content…

if they are being unfairly maltreated. The prison and government still have the obligation to provide them with food, clothing, and in some cases the opportunity to work and even learning. Of course we understand that for the case of death-row prisoners, debating might sound too fancy but the point here is that they should not be excluded the basic human rights as mentioned above regardless of what sentence they got. In the case of medical treatment, they should have the basic right of informed consent. One fact is that, prisoner's rights are most likely to be ignored because of the stereotype mindset that criminals don't deserve rights and not giving those basic rights its part of the punishment they should get. Such a mindset is fundamentally wrong and dangerous. First of all, putting them in prison or to die is already the punishment. Such a mindset makes the group of prisoners the easiest one to be discriminated and taking advantage of. Prisoners are the most vulnerable group of people that are least likely to get legal assistance, which is unfair and unconstitutional.
Additionally, one’s first instinct is to use our most vulnerable citizens, criminals, as medical research in order to save massive quantity of human

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