Human Impact On Semaphore Beach

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Semaphore beach
Population: 2,832 (2006 census)
Established: 1849
Location: 14 km (9 mi) from CBD
LGA(s): city of port Adelaide Enfield
Staten electorate(s): lee
Federal division(s): port Adelaide
History of semaphore beach
According to Beach Safe (2015) in 1836, when Colonel William Light’s ship, the Rapid, sailed into the Port Adelaide River inlet and anchored in the Gawler Reach, it entered the ecological and cultural landscape within the Tjilbruke Dreaming Track of the Kaurna Aboriginal people.

Along the Track, which stretches from Cape Jervois to Outer Harbor or Mudlang (The Nose), Kaurna people hunted the emu, making camp and performing ceremonies. At the time of the small scale European settlement on the Le Fevre Peninsula, from
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Over the last 30 years, sand has been needed to replenish the beaches at Brighton and Glenelg North in particular, and this has been taken mostly from Glenelg, the Torrens Outlet, Grange and Semaphore. Sand has also been dredged offshore from North Haven. In all, the average quantity of sand moved along the Adelaide coast has been over 100,000 cubic metres each year.
According to Henley beach and semaphore park coast park community consultation report (2015) Semaphore Park The direction of traffic and parking are a major concern for the community in terms of safety for users and availability of parking or access to residences. The presented opportunity for a one way road was seen as a positive measure. Concerns of bike congestion at Third Avenue will need to be investigated. Sand drift was raised as a concern both safety and environmental reasons. Sand mitigation techniques of fencing and planting will need to be incorporated. Careful placement of showers, seating and water points will need to be examined to minimise noise for residences Width of path and set back from roadway are of importance for safety of users and protection of the dunes. Concern was raised in opening discussions about whether this section should be constructed without a firm plan for the adjoining area to the
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