Beach Erosion in Southern California

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Beach erosion is a serious issue today especially with human civilization building cities near the coast and disrupting the natural distribution of sediment deposition for our own convenience. Especially in southern California, beach erosion has some serious social, economic and environmental impacts on our society as a whole. Along with the rise of our sea levels due to global warming melting our polar ice caps, this erosion is having profound effects on coastal societies and has damaging effects on infrastructure worldwide. With human ingenuity, we have come up with various methods such as hard and soft engineering in order to both prevent and mitigate the effects of beach erosion.
There are 2 types of beaches. One is erosion dominant and the other is deposition dominant. The erosion dominant one has more erosion than deposition so the beaches shrink.
In the other case, if there is more deposition than erosion, then the beaches grow due to more sand being deposited upon it. The only reason why beaches shrink is due to erosion and this can happen for a variety of reasons. One reason being that if a shore tends to receive more destructive waves than constructive waves, then the beach will erode over time. This is because destructive waves erode and constructive waves deposit sediment. A very relevant example is that the beaches in southern California are naturally shrinking right now because they aren’t receiving enough sediment from the San
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