Human Interaction In Fahrenheit 451

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The Power of Technology Deadens The Quality of Human Interaction

Technology destroys the significance of interaction we have with one another. It also disconnects us from the real world. In Fahrenheit 451, Mildred, Montag’s wife, isolates herself from the world because of her overuse of technology. “‘Will you turn the parlor off?’ ‘That’s my family,’” she replied (Bradbury, 48).The quote shows that Mildred is addicted to technology and shows a lack of care when her husband is directly speaking to her. In Fahrenheit 451, the author shows the dangers of technology when it overthrows true human interaction. As a result, people have lost their voice and are afraid to speak up for what they believe in. The deadening power of technology causes people to lose interaction, increases isolation, and destroys the strong relationship between people. In Fahrenheit 451, people have become brainwashed by the use of technology which causes the citizens to forget the beauty of having true human interaction. In modern times, people don’t go to their friend’s house as much; instead they text their friends. Also they don’t get out and socialize with their friends but most importantly their family. This does not build healthy relationships, because it causes us to lose communication with the people we are supposed devote our lives to. Many people can be isolated by the use of technology. In the novel, the television screens in the living room take up three out of the four walls in the room

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