Essay on Human Organ Trafficking

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Human Organ Trafficking

There are many problems with global crimes. What holds these crimes together isn’t because people around the world are committing the same crimes, it’s because these criminals have created global organizations that have ties in all the corners of the world. These groups work just like normal business do, exporting and importing goods to gain profit. However, unlike normal businesses their goods are illegal such as drugs and often inhumane such as trafficking humans. Even so there is another good that is being regularly sold illegally. Human organ trafficking is growing ever day. Despite all efforts from countries all over the world it is continuing to be a major problem in the world. All types of global criminal
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These acts have broken the will of the population and most will not even speak to news media from other countries like America about the growing problem. Almost all of these people do not have enough money to seek proper medical care after having surgery therefore most die within a few years after having one of their kidneys removed. This is not the only country that demands organs from their civilians. In 1984, China enforced the “Organs for the Corpses of Executed Prisoners”. The new law provided that the remains of prisoners or organs of executed prisoners could be harvested if no one claimed the body, if the executed prisoner volunteered to have his remains to be used, or if the family agreed to donate them. China has zero tolerance for crime. In the past years, individuals have been executed for petty crimes that would barely justify a prison sentence such as theft. Amnesty International asserts that the Chinese government is performing executions to expand the organ trade from executed prisoners. According to witnesses in China, criminals are regularly examined to select matches for waiting patients. One prisoner, during his seven year jail term, told how he saw a great number of prisoners being medically prepared for organ removal. Even though it is legal in China most of the world has taken steps in trying to make an effort to stop human organ trafficking. Doctors that perform these illegal
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