Human Resource Management Model Causes Negative Impacts Essay

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Executive Summary In the competitive challenges today, it is undeniable that the roles of human resources become more and more necessary in an organization. Thus, fail to have a proper and accurate human resource department as is the case of the first hospital, the human resource management model causes negative impacts. This report firstly aims to recommend to the CEO some ways to improve the operations of human resource management. They include the establishment of a human resource team as well as policies and practices, defining clear roles and responsibilities, the decision on what to outsource, the relationship between managers and human resources, and communicating. Second, it points out some suggestions to build a sustainable human resource capacity, which consist of the understanding business insights, building workforce strategy, change, and the 4+2 organization formula. The following recommendations have been made: • The hospital needs to build a strategic human resource management that understands clearly the business insights to take lead in aligning workforce to the hospital strategy. • Outsourcing generalists to oversee administrative tasks, internal human resource management focuses on building policies and practices. • Implementing the 4+2 formula. Table of Contents Title Page i Executive Summary ii Table of Contents iii 1. Introduction 1 1.1 Background 1 1.2 Aim 1 1.3 Scope
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