Human Rights : A Nation Of The People

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Jesse Karmazin Dr. Halperin Human rights October 6th 2015 Right to Rights America has been known to be a nation of the people for the people by the people, but there are individuals may argue a different point. There are those who would claim this country was founded it was founded by and for whit Europeans, people fled a broken system, but subsequently built a flawed system of their own. Our forefathers uprooted themselves and others in order to build the country we live in today. The question quickly becomes a matter of which is it? Upon close examination I believe it shall become quite clear that this country was founded with a certain interest in mind. Indeed, African Americans and the aboriginals of this land did not find, rather this nation was built on their backs and their sweat. This nation nor was not found with their benefit in mind. Their European counterparts cared for only their own existence, and would thrive regardless the cost. Unfortunately, these minorities are still looked down upon today. By whites castigating them as black or even by stereotyping themselves, it does still matter today if you are black or white. The following will prove America’s aggressive view on the racial minority during her conception to now. In 1710, Justus Engelhardt Kuhn painted Henry Darnall III as a Child. In this painting a young white boy along with his black child slave stands on a balcony overlooking his estate 's elaborate gardens. The slave stands behind his master,
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