Human Rights Are A Part Of Everyone’S Lives Whether They

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Human rights are a part of everyone’s lives whether they realize it or not. They are the fundamentals for living a normal human life. So what is a human right? Not many people can give a definition, and when asked the class it took a few minutes for someone to attempt a guess. A human right is a moral principle or liberty that every person is entitled too just for being a human being. Therefore, everyone has the same 30 rights the United Nations (UN) declared in 1948. There are two parts of the International Bill of Rights that include equality and freedom and then a second part of economic and social right. Unfortunately in today’s society these rights are not always followed or believed in. They are constantly being fought for or …show more content…

“Taken” is a great example of slavery because the girl is kidnapped from her hotel room in France and sold into the sex trade. When she was found, it was determined that all of the girls were drugged so that they did not fight back. Seeing the aftermath personally and then in movies and news feeds, I don’t understand how this is one of the rights that is not forced. Most of the more powerful countries do not tend to participate in this and have a punishment for anyone who is found guilty. With that, they should be able to pressure the other countries to make sure it doesn’t happen as this is one of the rights every country agrees to when they are a part of the UN. One human right that is the talk today is part of immigration. The 13th and 14th right have to deal with people leaving and returning to their country on their own free will. “Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country [and] has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.” This human right, I feel as though we hear about it all the time about how people are getting killed trying to leave or being denied entrance into another country. North Korea, which is a part of the UN denies the freedom of leaving their country. In order for their citizens to leave they must get permission to do so and need specific purposes for traveling. Syrian Refugees, among others, have left their country trying to find freedom in other

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