Human Rights Violations: Honor Killings

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Human Rights Violations: Honor Killings The issue of human rights is an issue of unparalleled significance in all countries of the world. Though this issue has not always been called by this name throughout the course of human history, it has persisted as a critical issue nonetheless for as long as there has been injustice and destructive power dynamics within a society, which unfortunately, has been the tradition for as long as humanity has existed. In the 20th and 21st centuries, the United Nations has made a more firm and declarative stance about what human rights actually are, what the implications are for violations of such rights, and how such violations should be enforced. Human rights violations persist around the world. Solutions to human rights violations require proactivity, meticulous thought, practicality and idealism. Human rights violations must be considered of the utmost unacceptable and intolerable actions and the war for human rights implementation and government support in all countries must persist if the human race stands a chance of survival or stands a chance of being worthy of existence. The focus of this paper is the spreading issue of what is referred to as honor killing, although it is the opinion of many people around the world that there is no honor in these killings. Honor killings are typically homicides of women and girls in conservative cultures. These women have been judged to bring dishonor and/or shame by their culturally relativistic
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