Human Themes Of Homer 's The Odyssey

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Human themes that dominate Homer’s The Odyssey is hubris. During his adventure with the Cyclops, Odysseus cleverly blinded the beast with a stake in his eye. He even went as far as saying that his name was Nobody so when the Cyclops would scream in pain and try to get help, nobody would help him for he would say “Nobody is hurting me”. However, Odysseus went to far when he escaped by not only yelling out his actual name but saying exactly who he is and where he can be located. I find this quite funny for Odysseus was not obligated to say anything to the beast and if he did, just saying his name ‘Odysseus’ is enough. But our hero proclaims;

“Cyclops! If anyone asks you who put your eye out...tell [them] that is was Odysseus, Sacker of Cities, son of Laertes, who lives in Ithaca!”

If P.O Boxes existed I’m sure Odysseus would have yelled it out also. Odysseus is a clever hero which I believe to be the source of his victories in battles and in obstacles. For most this would suffice to be labeled as a Hero. However, arrogance, and pride disqualify any man or woman to be honored as a Hero. Humility is so much more heroic and admirable. Even if strength was not evident, true heroism comes with being humble at all times. Especially when victorious. You can tell a lot about a person from the way they act when they lose and even more when they win.

It is not easy having sympathy towards the Cyclops, he did lose his only eye in a painful and brutal manner of course. His attacker
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